Fasting Experience: A vacation at an Izu Health Resort operated by Dr. Ishihara, 3rd Day

This is the third day report of my fasting experience.

Three meals today

8:00am three glasses of carrot and apple juice with lemon squeeze,

and salted plum.

10:00am Miso soup


12:00 pm three glasses of carrot-apple juice


6:00pm carrot soup

Walking for two hours

I went out to take a walk.

In the past four times of fasting, I jogged every day for

10 kilometers.

This time, I got hurt in the left foot.

Exercise is good for my health, though, I made up

my mind to walk.

It was two hours walk to a local market.

In the market, many delicious food are sold there.

So I came back to the facility as soon as I got some

souvenirs for my workplace.

The smell of ice cream was so tempting…





大野 清美

趣味はマラソンとモーターバイクでのツーリング(愛車Honda VTR)です。