Fasting Experience: A vacation at an Izu Health Resort operated by Dr. Ishihara, 4th Day

The fourth day report of fasting experience.

Today’s meals

Breakfast; same as yesterday.  Three glasses of carrot and apple juice with lemon squeeze.

Miso soup at 10:00.


I am getting tired of the same meals, but this is the last time I take three glasses of juice.

Tomorrow, I will start rice porridge.

Carrot soup for supper.

Every meal is simple.

Do I feel hungry?  Actually, before I go to bed every night, I feel I am hungry, but during daytime,

I am active, so I don’t feel.

Did I make any difference in my body?

My weight on the first day was 45.6 kilogram.

Since then, my weight kept 45.5 kilogram.

I do exercise almost everyday during my daily life, so

I don’t think I lose my weight much.

I think I give rest for my stomach and intestine.

I take enough calories however, by taking carrot and apple juice,

So the calorie taking here is almost as same as my usual life.

As I have my left foot injured, I cannot jog here, so it is a shame.

Today’s activities

There is laundry facility in this resort. It is very convenient. (200 JPY for laundry, 100 JPY for dry)

I wrote two blogs both in Japanese and English in the morning.

Later, I took a walk for 80 min.

There is an amusement park in the vicinity.

Izu Shaboten Zoo

And Omuroyama Volcano.

Look at the beautiful shape of the mountain!

The history of this mountain is here

Then, I got a massage.

Today’s progress

I was disappointed with the result of the mock examination of TOEIC(R).

I believe practice makes perfect, though.  So I keep going.

Then I took a bath in the hot spring in this resort.  I really enjoy the hot spring here!

I practiced English conversation in the night with online English conversation class.

As such, I spent a peaceful 3rd day of my fasting experience.




大野 清美

趣味はマラソンとモーターバイクでのツーリング(愛車Honda VTR)です。