Fasting Experience: A vacation at an Izu Health Resort operated by Dr. Ishihara, 5th Day

I have started to eating rice porridge after 4days of fasting.

Today’s meals

8:00 A glass of carrot-apple juice.  Instead of three, as I am going to eat rice porridge later, only a glass of juice is served.

10:00 Rice porridge, miso soup, pickled plum and grated daikon radish.

I slowly start eating as I have not eaten solid food for a while.

After this, I will not be able to eat until 17:00.

When I am hungry, I take black tea with brown sugar.

17:00 Rice porridge, miso soup with sea weed, grated radish

with dried young sardines, and pickled plum.

Tomorrow, I will eat more solid rice porridge.

I look forward to it.

Today’s activities

I write blogs, study English for TOEFL, and get massage…I enjoy my holiday.

Also, exercise is an important part of my life.

I took a walk to Ippeki lake.

It will take 40 min. walk one way and 40 min walk to walk around the lake.

Lake Ippeki-ko is a gourd-shaped lake in Ito-shi, Shizuoka. The circumstance is 4 kilometers and is called “eyes of Izu”. It is the crater lake made of the eruption approximately 100,000 years ago.  The explosive eruption produced a round hollow called “marl”, and a large quantity of small volcanic ashes stopped the water to flow out, resulting in a lake. A promenade is made, and you can enjoy walking the shore “12 Tsurajima” and seasonal scenery. Bus fishing is also famous.

I enjoyed walking around the lake.

I found Carps.

There was a cafeteria beside the lake shore.

The fare of boat riding. 900 JPY for 30min for a rowing boat (two persons),

1700 JPY for the peddle boat (two to three persons).

My activity report shows how many steps I walked.

After a long walk, I enjoyed spa and studied for TOEFL.  I also practiced English

conversation online.

Review of the day

I enjoyed long walk,

eating rice porridge,

and studying English…

I am grateful for the life here.





大野 清美

趣味はマラソンとモーターバイクでのツーリング(愛車Honda VTR)です。