Fasting Experience: A vacation at an Izu Health Resort operated by Dr. Ishihara, 2nd Day

Fasting, the 1st day dinner

I entered in fasting on April 30th.

The dinner in the evening of April 30th was like this.

2nd day meals

Fasting is not actually a right word for my stay in this health resort.

We take three glasses of carrot and apple juice with lemon squeeze three times a day.

For each “juice time,” we also add salted plum and brown sugar.

Also, we take several cups of black tea with brown sugar at any time we are thirsty,

and Miso soup at 10:00am.

The sweet taste of brown sugar eases appetite.

Morning juice


Miso soup at 10:00

Lunch time juice

For dinner, I prefer warm food, so I asked the restaurant to

prepare carrot soup.

Excursion and other activities

The Hippocratic Sanatorium offers excursions three times a week,

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (optional, extra charge).

The excursion is a one-two hour trip to nearby tourist facility such as museums.

I participated a short trip to a House of Wax Dolls near the resort.

The photo shooting in the museum was not allowed.

The dolls were made in Mexico, the curator told us.

There were movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, ET, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger,

and Japanese politicians in the past, such as Nakasone, Koizumi, Shigeru Yoshida, former

prime ministers.  Also, there were dolls of emperor’s family.

It was interesting to visit there, but the layout of the dolls were less organized.

This resort has a hot spring facility.  There are big bath tubs, and one of them

is an open-air bath.  I really enjoy soaking in a hot spring.





大野 清美

趣味はマラソンとモーターバイクでのツーリング(愛車Honda VTR)です。