Fasting Experience: A vacation at an Izu Health Resort operated by Dr. Ishihara, 1st day

Fasting: Once a year to promote health

After a series of chemotherapy in the winter of 2014-2015,

I decided to take a fasting therapy operated by Dr. Ishihara,

whose major is hematology.  He is also a physician of oriental medicine.

I have read his book “In order not to get cancer, but if you get it?” before

I undertake the chemotherapy.  He introduced his health resort,

named “Hippocratic Sanatorium” where not only healthy people but also

patients who suffered from cancer, diabetes or serious atopic dermatitis

stay for treatment by going on fasting therapy.

He claims “fasting is good to detoxication of the blood, and major cause

of cancer is “stained blood”

The drug used for chemotherapy is also a kind of toxin for the body,

I thought, and it was rational for me to go fasting to detoxicate

my whole body.

This year (2019) is the 5th visit for me.

What is good about fasting?

He claims that the cause of increase of the

incidence rate of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Japan is

overeat of high fat, high energy food such as hamburger,

fried chicken, and fried potatoes.

The blood of human who eat too much become stained causing

various illness.

Fasting provides human’s organs to give a break (rest).

Energy usually used for digestion goes to other organs, helping

them to work properly.

The 1st day dinner and the facilty

The dinner is just like the picture below.

And some of the pictures of the facility.

Small but cozy room.

Inner court.




大野 清美

趣味はマラソンとモーターバイクでのツーリング(愛車Honda VTR)です。